Flat Range
Our flat range is open to the public and features staggered targets from 10-50 yards. There is a second flat range behind the clubhouse that is marked to 60 yards. Come check out our new range lights. You can now shoot after dark on the flat range. Bring your quarters as it’s coin operated.

Walk-Through Course
The walk-through course is also open to the public and features more than 40 compressed straw bale targets with large plywood backstops varying in distances (4-101 yards) and angles. There are some uphill and downhill targets through lots and lots of trees. Bring a good set of boots or hiking shoes.

Indoor Range/Club House
We have an indoor range with 15 shooting lanes and marked distances out to 20 yards. The indoor range is open to members with keys, members on open shoot nights and non-members during special events.

Hours of Operation

With the range lights and self-service payment, the flat range is open 24 hours a day.

The walk-through course, also self-payment, is only restricted by daylight hours and special events. ¬†It is best to check our events page before heading to the range as there may be a 3-D shoot or a work-party closing the range to non-participants. ¬†Otherwise, it gets quite dark in the woods as dusk approaches so it’s best to time your walk-through so that you are out of the woods by sunset.

Shooting fees for non members are $3 a day per shooter.

Walk-Through Course Map